What's New?

September 2022

Are you ready for the final quarter of 2022?  There are lots of important dates to be aware of as we head into the home stretch of the year:

October 1st:  FAFSA Enrollment Opens

If you have a child in college, make sure you complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application online.  Even if you don't think you're eligible for federal aid, we encourage you to complete the application.  Many colleges use the FAFSA information for their own scholarships and grants.​​​​​​​

October 17th:  Deadline for Extended Tax Returns

If you filed for an extension, make sure you have your paperwork filed, taxes paid and contributions to your retirement plans submitted.

December 31st: Required Minimum Distributions Due

Any Required Distributions must be taken before the end of the year.  We encourage you not to wait until the last minute to request them.  If you turned 72 THIS YEAR, you have until April 1st of 2023 to take your initial Required Distribution*. 

*But you will still be required to take a second distribution in 2023 to satisfy next year's requirements.​​​​​​​